Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging


Overview - Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Your organization may be exploring ways to enhance its approach to diversity, equity and inclusion for the workforce. EHR can assist at the Board, leadership and staff levels in considering business processes and practices that grow female, minority, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities and veteran’s representation that align with the mission.

Board Leadership and Advisory

In coordination with the BOD Chair and Executive Committee, gain a broad understanding of BOD objectives, governance obligations, discuss best practices and trends, establish goals and priorities, budget, establish a roadmap to achieve goals, develop an action plan with an implementation process over time.

Custom Survey and Analysis

EHR offers custom BOD, leadership and staff surveys. This includes survey creation, leadership communications preparation, survey administration via a web-based platform, confidential data collection, and data analysis. We will offer by action-based recommendations based on the results of the survey.

Organization DEIB Plan

In coordination with the CEO and COO, gain a broad understanding of BOD objectives, discuss best practices and trends, establish goals and priorities, budget, establish a roadmap to achieve goals, develop an action plan with an implementation process over time.

Formal DEIB Policy Review

You may be looking to establish, review or revise Equal Employment Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion, Anti-Harassment, Workplace Bullying, Complaint Procedure, Non-Retaliation and related policies. We can assist and coordinate with your outside employment counsel.

Recruitment Outreach and Compensation

EHR creates custom plans for operationalizing formal recruitment outreach to diverse communities.

When we help organizations conduct labor market benchmarking studies (US and/or international based studies) for both compensation and employee benefits, our goal is to help align compensation and benefits with the formal DEIB strategy to help support the organization’s mission.

We work with our clients to build salary structures that are internally equitable and externally competitive. We specialize in developing total compensation philosophies (pay and benefits), designing base pay, bonus and executive compensation plans. We also have expertise in conducting nonprofit executive evaluations in order to ensure compliance with Intermediate Sanctions.

For more information please visit Compensation and Benefits section of the Consulting page.

Systemic Approach

Review and enhance the organization's approach for more consistent HR transactions (hiring, promotions, employee relations and transition) with the goal of applying steady practices.

Annual Custom DEIB Related Training

EHR offers custom training sessions for leadership, managers and staff including Harassment Prevention, EEO Practices for a Respectful and Inclusive Environment, Informal Conflict and Resolution Best Practices and Complaint Procedure, Performance Management and Goal Setting.

DEIB Expertise

Our consultants not only have years of DEIB applied consulting experience, we have formal training, including Cornell University's Diversity and Inclusion for HR Certificate Program and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion from the University of South Florida Muma School of Business. We keep abreast of DEIB related trends and resources.  If we do not have in house proficiency that the client requested, we have a wide network of DEIB consultants, facilitators, attorneys, and specialists with various levels of expertise within the field.