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Expand HR Consulting is a strategic consulting firm that helps clients develop innovative human resources solutions. We provide expertise to clients across various business sectors, including nonprofits, philanthropic organizations and for-profit companies. Our success comes from combining the latest human resources consulting techniques with customized research and quantitative analysis.

Our firm specializes in human resources consulting, executive search and compensation analysis. We have a diverse group of consultants at the senior and junior levels available based upon the client’s needs.

We strive for long term client relationships, taking the time to gain a thorough understanding of the organization’s business goals and strategy, and the leadership competencies needed for success. We consider clients’ positions in the marketplace and business lifecycle, their competition and their culture. We have a high retention rate among our client base. The firm has professional level memberships to SHRM, WorldatWork, ASAE and LinkedIn.

Outsourced Human Resources

EHR manages a range of human resources functions for our clients through a dedicated generalist consultant onsite or virtually. We have experience leading human resources for a diverse group of clients ranging from small businesses to complex, global organizations with multiple international offices.

As a day-to-day resource for organizations, our consultants oversee recruitment, employee relations, benefit plan management, training and more. We work with organizations that require executive human resources guidance, transition services, a specialist to augment the work of the current human resources department as well as organizations that fully outsource the human resources function to EHR.

DEIB Consulting

EHR offers human resources consulting in the areas of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. We can assist at the Board, leadership and staff levels in considering business processes and practices that grow minority communities to align with the organization’s strategic goals and mission. For more information, please visit click here.

Executive Search

Retained search has been one of the cornerstones of our business since 2006. Leveraging years of experience serving diverse, global clients seeking new executive leadership gives us a strong foundation for a customized and creative approach. Services include:

  • CEO Recruitment
  • Executive Recruitment
  • Professional Recruitment and Project Recruitment
  • Executive Onboarding

We identify proven candidates – experienced leaders who will make an immediate and significant impact on an organization with a focus on diversity and inclusion. We work with clients to assemble the most effective team for each search, based on the specific role, business area and geography. We maintain an open dialogue with our client and candidates throughout the engagement, ensuring expectations are met for a smooth transition through the final selection and offer stages. Executive onboarding is an additional service proven to help assimilate talent into the organization and set up executives for success.

Speciality Search

Through our searches and ongoing consulting work with global clients and associations, we have a deep understanding of complex, member- and partner-driven organizations in the U.S. and globally. We are highly experienced in leading challenging executive searches for niche industries and are able to offer candid and accurate assessments of the talent pool.

Nonprofit Board Support and Executive Compensation Governance

Our goal is to assist clients in attracting and retaining talented executives while satisfying federal guidelines for reasonable compensation consistent with the organization’s mission. We help boards establish accountable governance practices and respond to questions that may be raised by stakeholders, the media, staff and government officials as more compensation information is available to the public. We have expertise in conducting nonprofit executive compensation evaluations in order to ensure compliance with Intermediate Sanctions.

We frequently collaborate directly with Board committees on executive HR management for proper board governance, to document defensibility and reduce conflicts. We assist Board committee’s with executive search, transition and executive orientation. We facilitate and help manage the annual performance evaluation and goal setting process process,  executive compensation and benefits analysis, and offer advice on best pay practices. We provide counsel on complex matters such as executive investigations, separation and severance. We also offer DEIB consulting for Board’s including surveys, foundation training and discussions and  best practices for Board inclusion.

Human Resources Projects

We assist clients with specific projects that focus on human capital strategy, organization development, compensation, benefits, compliance, recruitment, performance management, employee relations, employee retention, employee training or management development. Based upon the client’s needs, we develop a tailored plan that outlines the goals, research and benchmarking, milestones and deliverables for the project. Examples include:

  • HR Operational Reviews- In partnership with executives, EHR evaluates human resources processes and operational approaches to ensure compliance, trends and best practices.
  • Employee Handbooks- On an annual basis, we review and evaluate client’s handbooks for updates, compliance, and workplace trends.
  • Compensation and Benefits Review- We evaluate and make recommendations for compensation and benefits practices and policies. This may include limited benchmarking, establishing job categories, creating basic compensation structures, policies, updates/changes and general recommendations for market competitiveness.
  • Employee Engagement Surveys- EHR assists with various employee surveys to measure culture and employee’s point of view. We help to define the topic and objective, partner with the survey vendor, administer the survey, analyze the results and make recommendations to executives. Surveys may include leadership, team performance, annual employee satisfaction and engagement, compensation and benefits, and DEIB.

EHR conducts investigations for workplace misconduct claims, including sexual harassment, sexual abuse, discrimination, conflicts of interest and nepotism. Our interviewers maintain a highly professional environment and maintain the highest possible degree of confidentiality during  investigations with a goal of providing clients with usable recommendations for addressing investigation findings and responding to those involved in the complaint and investigation. EHR has led, overseen and managed workplace investigations at the executive, management and staff levels.

Custom Training

EHR has a library of trainings that can be customized for clients. We regularly provide training on topics such as EEO practices for a respectful and inclusive environment, anti-harassment, informal conflict and resolution, performance management and goal setting, recruiting and development. These trainings are customized for the client setting, offered to both managers and employees. We also offer individual employee coaching and group training as part of employers’ response to a specific event, personal improvement plan or findings in misconduct investigations. Our goal is always to help clients create and sustain a responsive and fair workplace culture that embraces diversity to engage and retain talented employees.

Compensation and Benefits Analysis

We help organizations conduct labor market benchmarking studies (US and/or international based studies) for both compensation and employee benefits.

We build salary structures that are internally equitable and externally competitive. We specialize in developing total compensation philosophies (pay and benefits), designing base pay, bonus and executive compensation plans. We also have expertise in conducting nonprofit executive evaluations in order to ensure compliance with Intermediate Sanctions.

To determine whether employee benefits are competitive compared to other organizations or nonprofits of similar size and scope, we frequently conduct a benefits benchmarking study by analyzing current offerings to the market.

We have established a credible library of compensation and benefits survey libraries. We take care in understanding the data sources, breadth, reliability and cuts. Our library includes: Mercer, Economic Research Institute (ERI), American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), PRM Consulting Group, Guidestar, Nonprofit Times (NPT) Nonprofit Salary Survey, Rollins College Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits Report, CEO Update and Society for Human Resource Managment (SHRM). For international projects, we typically use Economic Research Institute (ERI) Global Salary Calculator, IPAS (International Pay Analysis System) and Radford (an Aon Hewitt company). At the client’s request, we can also conduct customized peer group surveys for executives.

Affirmative Action Planning

Expand HR Consulting creates Affirmative Action Plans (AAP) that comply with the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). We reconcile data and prepare AAP(s) in easy to understand yet compliant formats. We deliver AAPs ready for audit submission.

Desk Audit

Our consultants work closely with a client’s audit team to prepare and present the desk audit submission materials to meet the OFCCP’s deadline. If adverse impact is found in any employment selection for a reporting period, we work closely with clients to determine stages of selection, conduct “fall out stage” analyses (two standard deviation and Fisher’s Exact test) and determine which selection step (if any) created adverse impact. We also work with clients to write the action plan narrative to present to the OFCCP.

Pay Disparities

We will review a client’s compensation data and recommend an approach that meets the current OFCCP guidelines to determine if there are any disparities in pay. Compensation analysis techniques can range from a means analysis to a more rigorous multiple regression analysis. At the end of compensation study, confidential findings and recommendations are provided to the client.

Tracking Progress

We can assist in the preparation of quarterly or semi-annual reports to track the progress made against targets and proactively position clients to avoid adverse impact in selection.


EHR conducts employment investigations for clients. This includes harassment, discrimination and other forms of HR complaints based on the organization’s policy. After the intake meeting, we gather the facts, conduct interviews, and document our work with a full investigation report, in coordination with the client’s outside employment counsel.  If an charge is filed against an organization, we can conduct the investigation, gather information and prepare the Position Statement on a client’s behalf. We can serve as the interface between our client’s organization and the EEOC.

Outplacement Services

EHR’s outplacement services assist exiting employees with transition services including identifying new opportunities, resume review and coaching while protecting brand reputation and reducing risk to our clients throughout times of transition. We also offer assistance to individual job seekers.

Pro Bono Work

Each year EHR provides pro bono human resources consulting to a number of social services nonprofits that need, but cannot yet afford, consulting services.  Pro bono service is part of EHR’s commitment to serving the nonprofit community and helping organizations serve their clients effectively.  In addition, the EHR team serves our local communities as non profit board members and through volunteer work and non profit outreach.

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