EHR and COVID-19 Response and Preparedness 

EHR and COVID-19 Response and Preparedness 

We value our clients and their employees, many of whom we have known for years. As a company, a safe and productive workplace is a priority for EHR. Our consultants are all currently working virtually. We have donated funds, supplies and volunteer to support our to our local community including meal distribution with Real Food for Kids (

With many clients, we partnered with them on workplace planning for various and complex aspects of moving from a traditional (in some cases international) workplace to telework. We helped create task forces, assisted with projections identifying which jobs would be critical to operations in person and which would be suitable for telework in distinct phases (according to projected reduced funding sources such as canceled annual meetings, declining membership rates, major donor decreases and grants).

We considered diversity (related Title IIV analysis such as gender, race, age, disability, etc.), FLSA, ADA, FMLA, other regulations, past client standards, and employee benefits. We assisted with documentation, compliance and legal reviews as these changes and future changes take effect.

We modified existing client policies and agreements on telework and leave donations to suit the situation as applicable. We translated new laws as they were passed. We created executive communication drafts for managers and staff. The next phase was to plan layoffs, reduction in executive wages and/or furloughs. We again considered diversity (gender, race, age, disability, etc.), FLSA, ADA, FMLA and other regulations, past client standards, documentation and compliance as these changes and future changes take effect. In some cases, initial plans to open their business after a few weeks were delayed and actions plans for extended closures were formulated. Currently, we are working with task forces on business re-entry plans. With all of our clients we provided compliance and best practice updates for managing through the pandemic and how managers can effectively work with their staff in a virtual environment.

Hopefully, as organizations are allowed to open, our recommendations for re-entry plans based on each client workplace setting and their operations will be realized, in waves. To provide the best support, we have evaluated business continuation plans and adjusted them for the pandemic and re-entry. We have been addressing safety protocols appropriate for each client workplace. Considerations may include custom surveys, potential health assessments or testing if COVID symptoms are known or shown, compliance and company policies, office air quality, surface hygiene and supplying other personal protective equipment, space evaluation, staggered scheduling, and manager/employee communication touch points.

As the situation changes, we urge you to refer to the Centers for Disease Control (, the World Health Organization ( and local and state governments. EHR is here to help.

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